Factory Directly Delivery Simple Type Wall Interface

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View Wall Interface Description The Vei w Wall Interface solution is a compact, wall-mounted interface used for monitoring and changing the tint levels of View Dynamic Glass. The product leverages 802.11-based Wi-Fi technology for connectivity and an advanced user interface which provides a powerful solution with a modernized look and feel.

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c# - Factory class returning a generic interface - Stack Overflow

Also, regarding "you could use template specialization to get compiler errors when you try to create a type the factory does not handle", couldn't you use type constraints to get compiler errors when the factory is handed a type it doesn't want to deal with? – Asad Saeeduddin Jul 26 '13 at 18:44

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static factory method in interface class java - Stack Overflow

The text book says if you are defining an Interface Type, create a non-instantiable class Types and include the static factory methods in that class. But how can a method defined in the Types class access the private constructor of a concrete implementation of Interface Type. EDIT:- Below sentence is quoted from the text book.

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