plant vs zombies 2 apple mortar

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Apple Mortar - Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, the free Plants vs ...

Apple Mortar is based on an apple. Its name is most likely a reference to the 2-inch Medium Mortar, also known as the "Toffee Apple" due to its shape when loaded with a bomb. Its Almanac description in the Chinese version says "An apple a day, keeps the zombie away" (每日一苹果,僵尸远离我), which is a parody of "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."

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Apple Mortar | Plants vs. Zombies 2: Project ECLISE Wiki | Fandom

Apple Mortar is the last lobbed-shot plant and the last unlockable plant in the Adventure Mode, being unlocked after beating 20-7. He attacks by lobbing apples cores in three lanes, similar to a Threepeater but heavier and has splash damage.

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Apple Mortar Pvz 2 Level 1-6-10 in Plants vs. Zombies 2 ...

Apple Mortar is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, released in the 5.3 update. It is the third plant released not based on a world or event, after Kiwibeast and Bombegranate. It attacks by...

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My Favorite Plants with Stephen!: Apple Mortar! : PlantsVSZombies

In PvZ2, the size of a plant doesn't necessarily correspond to their effectiveness, but in this particular case, it kinda does. At 250 sun per planting at level 1, Apple Mortar's more pricey than most, but golly whiz, you get a lot for that sun. Like a Threepeater, Apple Mortar covers three lanes, with as many as three apple cores per volley.

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Plants vs Zombies 2 - APPLE MORTAR - YouTube

Plants vs Zombie to znana na całym świecie darmowa gra. W drugiej części gry przenosimy się w czasie i przestrzeni! http://www.faceboo...

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