Effect of fiber types on creep behavior of concrete

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Effect of fiber types on creep behavior of concrete ...

Fibers with elastic modulus much higher than plain concrete can clearly restrict creep, while fibers with lower elastic modulus have the opposite effect. For example, 2% volumetric blending of steel fiber reduces specific creep by 25.1%, compared with plain concrete, while 0.9 kg/m 3 mass blending of PVA fibers increases it by 19.9%. The internal defects introduced by fiber addition, i.e., the fiber-concrete interfacial zone and non-uniform fiber distribution, weakens its creep resistance.

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Creep of Cracked Fiber Reinforced Concrete by Megha ...

the subject of compression creep of concrete is well developed, use of concrete under tension loads has been limited at best due to brittleness of concrete. However with the advent of using fiber reinforced concrete, more and more applications where concrete is expected to carry tensile loads due to incorporation of fibers is gaining popularity.

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Effect of Steel Fiber on Creep Behavior of Concrete

The interface layer between fiber and concrete matrix can increase the creep of concrete. The effect of interface layer on the creep increases at an excessive dosage of steel fiber.

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Flexural Creep Behavior of Steel and Polypropylene Fiber ...

Jul 27, 2020 · While the mechanism responsible for the time-dependent crack opening of steel fibre reinforced concrete has been associated with the fibre pull-out, a combination of pull-out creep and fibre creep...

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Effects of Temperature and Stress on Creep Behavior of PP and ...

Aug 22, 2019 · Creep of Steel fiber reinforced RPC at high temperature was investigated by Abid et al. . Results showed that creep increased with increasing stress level and temperature. Since different fibers types have different effects/mechanism under high temperature, therefore their high-temperature creep behavior should be studied separately for RPC.

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