And High Concentraction Of Concrete Superplasticizer

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Selection of Superplasticizers for High-Performance Concrete

Superplasticizers are used to fluidify the concrete in the field. Most of the superplasticizers helped to maintain high slump values for a time of 30 to 45 minutes. But some of the Portland cement do no behave well with the use of superplasticizers. This problem is understood only by the detailed study on the mode […]

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How Super Are Superplasticizers?| Concrete Construction Magazine

Superplasticizers can be used in three ways: to create flowing, self-leveling concrete without increasing water, without reducing cement and without sacrificing strength; to produce workable, high-strength concrete by reducing the water and thus the water-cement ratio; or, to save cement by reducing both the water and cement contents while ...

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Effect of Superplasticizer Dosage on ... -

Some physical and mechanical properties of high-strength concretes made with Type 10 portland cement were found to be significantly reduced when the superplasticizer dosage approximately exceeded the saturation concentration of the cement-superplasticizer combination. Relatively high dosages of superplasticizer (> 1.1 percent; slump > 200 mm ...

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superplasticizer is an important aspect in concrete making with superplasticizer and its performance under aggressive sulphate attack conditions later on. Keywords: cement, compatibility, Superplasticizer, workability 1.0 INTRODUCTION Superplasticizers, also called as High Range Water Reducing (HRWR) Admixtures, are

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A Contractor’s Guide to Superplasticizers

Using high-range water re d u c e r s to increase slump may be neces-s a r y for difficult wall placements. Conditions like narrow form s , heavy re i n f o r cement, and sections with many blockouts, penetra-tions, or embedded items re q u i r e the use of high-slump concre t e . Superplasticized concrete also works well for pumping opera-

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