asphalt mixing decanter line to bitumen tank

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Bitumen Decanter And Bitumen Tank From Our ... -

This month, Howard of our marketing manager received another order from a Philippines customer on May 22th, 2020 for the 6t/h capacity of bitumen decanter equipment.Our customer said that our asphalt mixing plant and asphalt distributor truck is stable performance, fully automatic, intelligent and easy operation.

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Bitumen Drum Decanter (Asphalt Drum Melter) - Nilang Asphalt

Designed for use in association with bulk storage tanks the melted bitumen is automatically transferred from the decanter reservoir to the storage tank during the decanting process. These units are designed to seamlessly integrate to existing installations such as an asphalt plant or bitumen binder production plants.

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Bitumen Decanter - Speedcrafts

These coils melt the bitumen in a short time and the liquid bitumen is then pumped into the storage tanks through the bitumen pump. When new drums are loaded, empty ones drop out automatically from the other end. Drum is heated by hot oil coils which are located all around the drum rows and bottom of the decanter.

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For construction sites without electric lines (optional) Bitumen Emulsions Plant. Our E-MIX bitumen emulsion plants with their precise dosing, quality production, ease of use and economy, is the ideal solution for all asphalt emulsion applications. SPECIFICATIONS. Production ability at 5-15 ton / hour capacities

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Bitumen Tanks For Sale | Bitumen Tanks For Asphalt Plants

Nov 05, 2015 ยท Bitumen tanks are important component. They store and pump bitumen as when required. Manufacturing of bitumen tanks For Asphalt Plants require efforts and care. We are manufacturer of asphalt mixing plant.

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