balast bitumen mixer

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Bitumen mixer for Paint,Coating,Paste,Latex mix,powder mix

Our bitumen mixer is small size, high efficiency, homogeneous mixing and easy to operate. Installation manual of bitumen mixer. I. Structure of the Facility. 1. Tank. 2. Mixing pump and control box. 3. Powder feeding hopper and valve. 4-5 Inlet valve and frank. 6. Outlet valve and frank. 7-8-9 Adjust valve. 10-11-12-13 Circle pipes. 14. Sample ...

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Automatic laboratory mixer BITUMIX, Asphalt/bituminous ...

Automatic asphalt laboratory mixer BITUMIX Asphalt mixer drum with helical mixing shaft Asphalt mixer: aggregate loading operation Asphalt mixer's control panel The asphalt mixer BITUMIX features a motorized tilting system for easy unloading. The tilting angle is adjustable to 130° tio speed up the unloading operation

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Polymer Modified Bitumen Mixer - Design and Testing of ...

Polymer Modified Bitumen Mixer is used to mix different type of polymer dopes with bitumen homogeneously at proper temperature. Mixer provides perfect mixtures by means of its special disintegrator head which operates at 6000-8000 r.p.m. Heat loss is kept at minimum level by a thermal isolation vessel. UTB-1440 is supplied complete with;

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Mastic asphalt usage - GlobeCore Bitumen Emulsion.

Mastic asphalt is different from heavy ranked asphalt (asphalt concrete), since it has a higher bitumen (binder) content, some 7 – 10% of the entire aggregate, unlike rolled asphalt, which only has 5% of bitumen or so. This thermoplastic material is widely used in construction, for waterproofing flat roofs and underground containers or tanks.

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Applications - Hpp

Asphalt distributors, mixers, tar cookers and pavers; asphalt, dirt, concrete, mortar, tar, grease, mastic and clay on vehicles, mixer trucks and machinery; canals, lifts, dams and runways; cleaning of natural stone walling, removal of joint materials, coats, damaged or corroded coatings from walls and floors, roughening of concrete and stone surfaces.

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