how to control the jmf in asphalt plant

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How To Control The Jmf In Asphalt Plant - Video Results

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Job Mix Formula - Pavement Interactive

This recommended mixture, which also includes aggregate gradation and asphalt binder type is often referred to as the job mix formula (JMF) or recipe. For HMA manufacturing , target values of gradation and asphalt binder content are specified based on the JMF along with allowable specification bands to allow for inherent material and production ...

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JMF External Guidelines

Proceed through the “New JMF Submittal - Proposal” form to populate your CEM-3511. The following tables will require population: Contract (See Note 3), Hot Mix Asphalt Design Data, Job Mix Formula Information, Adjustment to design data target values, Notes.

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LPA Guidance: ODOT Requirements for Asphalt Production at ...

2. The JMF should be no more than 3 years old and be for the correct traffic volume. 3. Each JMF to be used must be for a contract specified pay item. 4. Each JMF must show all the properties required in the C&MS noted above are met. 5. Each JMF must show approved aggregates, binders and RAP/RAS. 6.

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5) Mix design, and design mix formula (DMF) or job mix formula (JMF) for each mixture 6) Fines correction data for each DMF and JMF, if applicable 7) Process control test results 8) Control charts Each Certified Plant is required to have these current documents: 1) The Quality Control Plan (QCP) for the Certified Plant

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