bitumen emulsion manufacturing process

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The following types of units for bitumen emulsion manufacturing are available today, batch and continuous. Bitumen emulsion manufacturing process consists of two stages: first, preparation of the water phase, and then emulsion production. The water phase is prepared in a special tank with water, emulsifier, acid (or alkali) and other additives.

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Bitumen emulsion manufacturing process consists of two stages: Emulsifier and other chemically active agents and addition of bitumen 150 degrees with soap solution.

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What is bitumen emulsion?

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During the production of bitumen emulsions, hot bitumen is mixed with water to form a storage-stable emulsion. Short process times and effective process steps are very important to ensure a cost-effective production. IKA offers the custom-made solution for this process: The Inline Colloid Mill MK mixes the two phases (bitumen and water) into a ...

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Production processes. Residues from the distillation of meticulously selected crude oils provide the base materials for bitumen production. Bitumen refining separates the lighter fractions from the residues. Several manufacturing methods are used to produce specification bitumens depending on the crude source and processing capabilities available.

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