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What is a Precision Resistor? - Learning about Electronics

If the same resistor has a tolerance of 1%, its resistance will only vary by 1%. Therefore, a 500Ω resistor can then vary between 495Ω and 505Ω. This is tolerance as an example. A precision resistor is a resistor that has a tolerance level as low as 0.005%. This means a precision resistor will only vary 0.005% from its nominal value.

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Resistance tolerance <= 0.01 | Resistors, Fixed | Vishay

Ultra Precision Low TCR Thin Film Resistor, Surface Mount Chip, ± 2 ppm/°C TCR, 0.01 % Tolerance: Resistors, Fixed: 0.15: 0603: 2: 0.01: 100: 130 K

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Resistors | MEGATRON

Power resistor, precision resistor, voltage divider or thermistor are often very individual and customized components. With our "Resistor Engineering" we help to find the specific technologies and the optimum product solution; even for relatively small quantities.

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Precision Resistor Company

High Precision Resistors: SX Silicone Coated Series.01 to .1 Watt Wire Wound High Precision Axial Resistor.11 to .5 Watt Wire Wound High Precision Axial Resistor.51 and Higher Watt Wire Wound High Precision Axial Resistor; Current Sensing/Shunts. PLV Series 4-Terminal Rect. Axial Shunts; MS-40 Shunt; RTD/Compensators

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Resistor values for a passive audio mixer? - Electrical ...

I'm trying to come up with a schematic for building a passive audio mixer for an aviation headset, but I'm having some questions about resistor values. Figuring out the general circuit is easy enough, but I'd like to bounce this off people who know a lot more than I do so I can make sure I'm doing this right.

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