can concrete bump stop flood

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How to put up a very small barrier on concrete to stop water ...

I think I used a sack of ready-mixed concrete to which I just added water. It worked well because I have a surface drain one foot in front of the bump and I just needed to hold the water a little from rushing past the drain into my garage. It was only ever a problem when there was sudden heavy rain.

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Can Concrete Bump Stop Flood - Video Results

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concrete on concrete humps to direct water | DIY Home ...

You'll never be able to get a diverter bump made of concrete to adhere to your existing driveway. Just get one made of rubber or possibly some of the material and anchored to the driveway. Even if a small amount of water goes under it's not going to be a big problem. S.

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Why concrete + rain = flash floods | Flooding | The Guardian

Jul 25, 2016 · The concrete jungle can’t soak up rainwater, so in heavy downpours it has nowhere to go except into drains, overloading them and setting off flash floods. A movement in Canada and the US called...

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waterproofing - Can I create a water proof barrier to keep my ...

Every couple of years, the area where I live gets a huge storm. The result being that the flood of water that collects in the streets overpowers my driveway and runs down to my garage. I put in a large drain a few years back (6 inches) which for a moderate rainfall works fine.

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