how to weather concrete planters

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How to Protect Pots and Planters From Winter Damage ...

Oct 30, 2018 · Concrete is very frost resistant … when it’s dry. Even moist, it ’ s a pretty tough product. However, when a concrete pot contains moist potting soil, expansion can still cause it to crack. The problem is that concrete pots are heavy and difficult to move: bringing them indoors or into a heated garage for the winter takes quite an effort.

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Waterproofing Concrete Planter Boxes

Waterproofing Concrete Planter Boxes. The presence of concrete planter boxes can spruce up almost any garden or yard and is a great structure to house and contain your plants. How you are sealing or waterproofing concrete planter boxes will help to maximize the service life of the planter box.

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The EASY Way to Age a New Cement Statue – Kevin Lee Jacobs

Aug 12, 2011 · 1/2 pint concrete bonding adhesive. 2 tablespoons charcoal-colored, water-soluble pigment (we used Quikrete Liquid Cement Color) Disposable gloves. 1 paintbrush. 1 lint-free rag (we used an old cotton T-shirt) In the bowl or bucket, mix together water, bonding agent and pigment. 1. Spray a small area of the statue with water.

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How to Seal Concrete Planters So Plants Don't Die | Hunker

What is a concrete planter?

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How to Cast Concrete Planters | Better Homes & Gardens

Spray vegetable oil on the inside of an outer mold and the outside of an inner mold to facilitate unmolding later. Fill a well-oiled outer mold with concrete to within 1–2 inches of the rim. Press an oiled inner mold into the concrete until a pot with at least 3/4-inch-thick walls forms. Level the top of the molded concrete.

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