how it's made sanding machine

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History of Sanding Machines

The first sanding machines were actually entirely human-operated. A pedal was used to spin a drill thus making sanding an easier process. With electricity, sanding machine drills started to be powered by electric motors making the process even easier. However, it was in the post war period, in which big factories emerged and mass production took place, that sanding machines really developed.

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total inovation in sanding machine - YouTube

kundig the top class sanding machinein action see it and you know how asanding machine looks like totalperferction and inovation

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Operate sanding equipment safely | 2014-11-24 | Safety ...

How do you use a Sander machine?

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Operate sanding equipment safely | 2014-11-24 | Safety+Health ...

Nov 24, 2014 ยท Drum, disk or belt sanding machines should be enclosed with an exhaust dust hood that covers the entire machine (except for the portion designed for the work feed). When working with a sander, do not: Sand small or handheld objects. Wear loose clothing or jewelry. Make sure to tie hair back or wear hair protection.

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